Monday, June 30, 2014

Split -- the Roman Emperor's Palace

Oh! Roman Soldiers in today's Croatia?
They are watching the "Golden Gate" of the ancient palace
of Emperor Diokletian.
The cellars of this palace have survived
and can be visited. Their main purpose
was to form a plain level for the palace.
The Peristyl

A reconstruction of the original Palace site
The "Silver Gate" to the eastern side

Down in the "cellars of Diocletian"

Ruins of the sea front, the emperor must have
had a splendid view from his palace

In the cellars, an exhibition of modern sculptures
is shown

The amazing stone blocks of the construction have been left in place only in the outer walls and basement of the palace. Within, the medieval town of Split was built and inhabited by people who came as refugees from other places. More informations on the site of Unesco World Heritage.

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