Friday, October 18, 2013

Hunting Colors -- A Walk in our City Park

On Friday afternoon, there is a rush in town. But just a few steps away, there is
a quiet place that I love to go to.
The Japanese garden near the Hamburg city center is an oasis of beauty.
On the pond: Eurasian coots

In the middle of the park, there is a Japanese tea house. Unfortunately,
the park administration set up fences because people just
could not be taught to walk on the paths.

Our Congress Center with Hotel is reflected in the garden lake.
The low sun x-rays the big leaves
The small crake messes up the reflection of the building
The adult small crake enjoys the last bit of sunshine

The stillness of  the water makes it hard to believe that also the tree
is a reflection

The creek bed has fallen dry between the huge boulders, it sparkles
with gold
The leaves glow beyond looking real...

... until they drift on the water

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