Thursday, September 19, 2013

An Open Air Museum in the North of Hamburg

Rural life in North Germany until early 20th century is reflected in a museum in Volksdorf, a northern suburb of my hometown.
 This is a rebuilt farmhouse, typical for the region.
See the intricate pattern of bricks.
 The hall contained a fireplace and was the room
where family and farm workers met.
 The male goat has found a very practical way to reach his food...
 A millstone, leaning to the wall
 This is the method how walls were built, mostly inside the house. The German word for wall, "Wand" was taken from the "winding" method of willow crops. The gaps were filled with a clay plaster.
 Museum entrance
 Goat watching a rooster
A typical farmhouse with a thatched roof and moss on it
 Bees were kept in such hives, made more or less in the same way
that houses were built
This boulder probably was an offering stone from pagan times. Liquids like milk or beer were probably poured into the ditch to please the gods.
And this is how milk was offered until the middle of the 20th century.

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